We are also specialized in all kind of Industrial Steel sheds for companies for their internal day to day works including storage sheds, working sheds, operational sheds etc.

Our services


All of the units that we supply apart from Modular Buildings are able to be transported by means of road transport, this ensures that all units are loaded with ease, sited and positioned correctly.

We can also supply flat bed and low loader Lorries. Steel Industrial sheds can be made, transported, & re-erected in a very short time as per clients requirement.


We provide cranes for offloading of units within country.

Labor for site assembly & installation:

For all type of Cabins and Modular Buildings we provide labor to erect/dismantle stack/link cabins at site.

Our qualified electricians and plumbers are able to provide connection from your main supply to the cabins; this would be subject to a site survey.


Foundation Blocks:

We provide solid concrete foundation blocks of size 40 x 40 x40 cm at very economical price to place the Cabins.


If you need to move your buildings between your sites or around the country, or if you are relocating your premises, We can arrange everything to ensure a hassle-free and efficient relocation. We will organise all the transport and logistics to make the move as simple as possible for you.


Your building may occasionally require upkeep to retain its smart appearance and high performance. Our teams can carry out any work you require, from cleaning to gutter clearance.


Your building can be enhanced or upgraded at any time. We can carry out comprehensive refurbishments with minimum disruption to you from installing new fixtures and fittings, to creating new rooms or refreshing existing ones.