Retractable belt stanchion is one of the most popular stanchion solutions for special events because it is most cost-effective, durable and versatile. Belt stanchions allow businesses to easily create custom crowd control flow patterns. In addition, there are various styles for belt stanchions available, from traditional black post to more professional look stainless steel belt barriers, different colored belts or ropes, or specialty finishes can accommodate all your needs.

We take the art of crowd control to the highest level with a full range of retractable belt or rope barriers; they are designed for ease of use and built to last. We guarantee to offer the most durable stanchions at the lowest price. Elegant full size portable ball top barrier post, add a touch of class to the environment. Brilliant high polish finish; Stainless steel construction; Universal solid metal ring, enable to hold up to 4 ropes at a time with a rubber rim built on the bottom of base for protecting floor.

These barriers are versatile, they are ideal for display in places such as banks, airports, airlines, retail stores, restaurants, stars hotels, senior clubs, exhibitions etc.

It is also way to organize queues or lines.Likewise; they are as effective when used to cordon off spaces that should not be accessible to your patrons.